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Previously, New Silk Road Discovery has reported, China Logistics Co., Ltd. and Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven JadeWeserPort-Marketing GmbH & Co. KG signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, clarifying that China has invested a total area of 200,000 square meters in the logistics park behind the Wilhelmshaven Container Terminal to build up "China Logistics - Wilhelmshaven Center".


近日,探索新絲路對威廉港集裝箱碼頭亞德港-營銷有限公司總裁安德雷亞斯??布爾溫克爾進行了獨家專訪。他如何看待歐亞鐵路的發展?從他的口中,你是否能讀出物流中心乃至威廉港集裝箱碼頭未來的發展規劃?Recently, New Silk Road Discovery had an exclusive interview with Mr. Andreas Bullwinkel, the executive Director of Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven JadeWeserPort-Marketing GmbH & Co. KG. How does he view the development of the Eurasian Railway? From his answers, can you find out the future development plan of the logistics center and even the Wilhelmshaven container terminal?

Interview with Mr.Andreas Bullwinkel



1. 您可能听說過“一帶一路”的說法,杜伊斯堡當前也在積極開展工作,把自己連接到新絲綢之路上。對歐亞鐵路過去幾年的發展情況,您怎麼看呢?您也認為這對威廉港有戰略重要意義嗎?

You may heard the Belt and Road concept, and Duisport is very active of connecting itself to New Silkroad. How do you see the development of eurasia trains in the last few years? And do you also see this as strategically important for Jade Weser Port?  

The Eurasia trains made an incredible development during the past years and are playing an important role for a permanently growing number of shippers and their logistic concepts meanwhile. The successful activities of our colleagues in Duisburg are proving that a combination of rail- and vessel-transports is precisely, what the market demands. We can confirm, that the Port of Wilhelmshaven/JadeWeserPort would be much obliged if we would get the chance for a rail connection to/from China. In combination with the excellent ocean-connections of our Container Terminal we are convinced to become an important partner of the silkroad.


2. 我們從中國物流有限公司那里獲悉,貴公司和中國物流有限公司的合作目的是在威廉港物流園內按照歐洲標準建設一座配套多式聯運系統的綜合物流中心(包括保稅倉庫),並且這個物流中心將整合陸路運輸、鐵路運輸和海路運輸,同時具備一定的產品加工處理、轉運分撥配送、生鮮冷鏈倉儲等等功能?

We get message from China Logistics Co.,LTD that the purpose of cooperation between Jade Weser Port and China Logistics Co.,LTD is to build a multi-purpose logistics center (including bonded warehouse) for multi-modal transport in Germany, integrating road, railway, sea transport. The logistics center will be built according to european standard, product processing, transshipment distribution, fresh cold chain warehousing etc. will be also included?


2.1 對您來說,這個項目意味著什麼呢?對威廉港而言,這個項目意味著什麼呢?

How do see this project for you personally and for Jade Weser Port?


There is no doubt, that for the Port of Wilhelmshaven/JadeWeserPort such a settlement would be the next milestone on our way to become an important hub for the ULCV?s.


For me personally this project means, that we started it as normal businesspeople and ending up as good friends, which are helping each other.


2.2 您與中國物流有限公司的合作模式是怎樣的呢?

What kind of cooperation mode are you working with China Logistics Co.,LTD?


Well, as I mentioned it before, what has been started as a negotiation between two neutral parties, turned into a trustful and fruitful cooperation, where everybody is looking for solutions to achieve the best possible result for the project. For us, it is the only way to end up at a real win-win-situation for both parties.

2.3 您在這個大型項目上的目標是什麼?您從威廉港和中國物流有限公司之間看到了什麼樣的協同效應?

What is your goal on such a huge project? What kind of synergy do you see between Jade Weser Port and China Logistics Co.,LTD?


Realizing such a huge project will have of course a tremendous signalling effect to the market. It proves, that the Port of Wilhelmshaven/JadeWeserPort with its excellent nautical advantages and the state-of-the-art hinterland-connections is meanwhile identified as the ideal port of the future.




The synergies between China Logistics and the Port of Wilhelmshaven are obvious: CL will benefit from the first-class location, with its future premises directly at a fast-growing container port. Extremely short distances between the ocean vessels and their warehouses, fast customs clearance, free roads and available rail-slots will guarantee their customers fast cargo movements, delivery in time and cost-savings.


Our benefit is to be seen in a further strengthening of our port, especially on the import side, which will eventually open the doors for additional services. Furthermore, the China Logistics activities will lead into a higher level of employment within this region, which is the main aim of our federal government.



3. 許多中國公司熱衷于投資歐洲的鐵路樞紐、海港,您對這一現象怎麼看呢?

Many Chinese companies are eager to invest in Railway Terminals, sea ports in Europe, how do you see it?


We are currently running an international market research to find out, when it would be the right time to extend the current container terminal in Wilhelmshaven. We are also interviewing possible applicants in China, which of course would be very much welcomed as terminal operators in the Port of Wilhelmshaven/JadeWeserPort.

4. 您對威廉港的願景是什麼?

What is your vision for Jade Weser Port?


For the next 3-5 years we are working on the completion of the current existing freight village with potential settlers. This should give the necessary impulse to further attract our port to more shipping lines, enabling our terminal operator, EUROGATE, to acquire them for additional regular liner services via the Port of Wilhelmshaven. Consequently, also the rail connections and -volumes will grow, so that the current terminal can reach its capacity of roughly 3 million TEU within this time-period. Together with EUROGATE we are working very hard to achieve this goal, here in Germany and locally in China. China Logistics is a key-factor in this development, there is no doubt about it.




If we are succeeding and turning this vision into a realty, we will concentrate our efforts into the development of a 300-hectare area, which is already in our possession, directly adjacent to the current freight village. The chances are good ?? not many ports in Europe are able to make such offers.






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